Seo Ji Eum (34 and his real name Seo Chung and pictured), who has written numerous hit songs including EXO's Growl and Lovelyz 'Ah-Choo', revealed the behind-the-scenes story behind the song's birth.

The lyricist Seo Ji Eum appeared on the TVN entertainment program You Quiz on the Block, which aired on the afternoon of September 9.Yoo Jae-seok, an MC broadcaster, said, I use words that are not readily available in the lyrics, and asked, What do you think of Lovelyzs Achu and EXO growl?Seo Ji Eum replied, I have an English (singing) guide, but the pronunciation should be similar, he replied, it was originally just you but i changed it to ah-choo.Regarding EXOs growl, he said, Theres a growl in the chorus, and the idiom came to mind first, he said, and i wrote the rest based on that.Seo Ji Eum cited Windy Day and Red Velvets LP as the best-written songs for the lyrics.He was amazed when he explained that Red Velvets LP likened the LP to a persons heart, and read the grain of that persons heart with his fingertips and toes.In 2012, Seo Ji Eum entered the lyrics line through Ha Dong-kyuns One Side of the Chest.Since then, he has written hits by dozens of artists representing South Korea, including EXO, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Girls Generation, and The Touhou New Year.

Lyricist Seo Ji Eum appeared on the tvn entertainment program "Yu Quiz on the Block", which aired on the afternoon of September 9. I asked.

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