The LG Twins, who had a gap in their seventh consecutive round, were relieved by the rain cancellation the day before.

LG Director Liu Zhongil explained this weeks changes in the selection rotation ahead of the 2020 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Kium Heroes exhibition at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on October 10.At first, LGs selection rotation was a twisted situation.  One of last weekends matches was cancelled due to rain and was pushed to monday, July 7, the start of the week, which resulted in seven matches lasting monday to Sunday.It was a situation that had to be troubled by the operation of the launch.Lee Min-ho was selected before lotte resignation on July 7, and Jeong Chan-Heon was listed in order at the KIA exhibition in Gwangju on August 8.  It will then be followed by Casey Kelly Clarkson, Tyler Wilson, Yim Chan-kyu and Kim Yun-sik, but they have been vacant in the 13th Jamsil Samsung Exhibition.The peculiarities of LGs predecessors were also taken into account.With LG managing the number of climbs thoroughly against Lee Min-ho and Jeong Chan-Heon this season, Lee Min-ho is wary of injuries in his first full-time career.Thats why were running a so-called 10-day rotation where two players alternate between one spot.  Even if they dont, they want to avoid getting at least two players to climb twice a week.  As a result, Lee Min-ho and Jeong Chan-Heons 13th climb became difficult and one spot was vacant.Earlier, Director Ryu said, We will call mercenaries out of the second army.  Mercenaries are not foreign players, but are pitchers who are preparing to be selected in the second group, and Lee Woo-chan and Lee Sang-kyu are among the candidates.However, lee Min-ho was early in the first inning of 57 pitches in lotte on July 7, and the number of pitches was not enough, and the 13th was canceled due to rain until the previous days game.It rained yesterday, and the rotation was pushed.  Kelly Clarkson stepped in today and announced tomorrow that Wilson and Chan-kyu Yun-sik would be the only one.  Kelly Clarkson 10, Wilson 11, Lim Chan-kyu 12 and Kim Yoon-sik 13, this weeks schedule is a natural complete.Regarding Lee Min-ho, he said, Its likely that well be back next Tuesday.  Lee Min-ho, who had been sluggish in his last game, was able to leave after a long seven-day break.Kelly Clarkson, Wilson, Chan-kyu, Yoon Sik and Min Ho-sun were eliminated on The 9th due to a lack of a spot in the seventh round.

Lg Director Liu Jung-il explained this week's selection rotation changes ahead of the 2020 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Kium Heroes 2020 sol KBO League Kium Heroes at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on October 10.

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